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Desktop Login Product Key is a program available in Windows Vista and Windows 7 that lets you unlock the computer, log on to the computer, or unlock a program by using a fingerprint.Fingerprint and PIN Data stored in the user account is used to authenticate the users inall applications on the computer. It also lets you set settings to enable instant login on password-protected screens and to control access to programs and screens.With Windows 8, Desktop Login Free Download is replaced by Windows Hello.Q:checkstr and piping: how do they work?I was playing with the following scripts.#!/bin/bash#echo "Hello world!"checkstr -e -b "$(echo -n "ABCD")"echo "Hello world again!"The results are:hello world!hello world again!Why is the first line not deleted, and the second string is not echoed?A:Every time you redirect a string to echo, it will be repeated verbatim.The shell script can only echo the string once.A:In this bash script:#!/bin/bash#echo "Hello world!"checkstr -e -b "$(echo -n "ABCD")"echo "Hello world again!"Every time checkstr is called, it is run in the background, so the previous echo command will not be echoed to the terminal. The command succeeded in giving you the correct answer, but you didn't know it.Try using the following:echo -e "Hello world!Hello world again!" | while true; do eval checkstr -e -b "\$(echo -n "ABCD"); read -n 1 c; doneThis will print your desired string. Note that:Bash needs to be run with -x to debug this shell scripteval is a bash extension; most Linux or BSD-based systems support thisNote that the loop will loop forever. If you want it to terminate after a time, use sleep "$(timeout 10)" or something similar.Q:Form input boxes Not showing up in IE9 (Works fine in FF & Chrome)I am trying to do some javascript to build a Survey on a Html 5 Website.I have a textarea where i have to enter the question, a text input box for the answer 08929e5ed8

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